Our Team

David Ruhe

Since 1997, I have been fully dedicated to teaching defensive driving, amassing an impressive 25,000 hours of instruction time. Over the course of my extensive experience, I have successfully guided both timid and aggressive drivers towards becoming better, more skilled drivers. Additionally, I have specialized in training individuals who possess minimal to no prior driving experience. My teaching approach is centered around tailoring the instruction to cater to the unique needs and personalities of each student, fostering confidence and enhancing their driving abilities. Irrespective of their starting point, my unwavering commitment is to provide invaluable instruction, ensuring that all drivers I train become safer and more competent on the road. Presently, we offer training to licensed drivers or those aged 18 and over.

Sue Ruhe

Sue Ruhe plays a crucial role as a consultant in the day-to-day operations at the Texas Drivers Academy and is the founder of Sue’s Drive Rite.

Kathleen Roth

Hi, I am Kat and have been a teacher, in MANY areas, for roughly 35 years. I taught in the Plano ISD for 2 years & then moved on to Coca-Cola.  When I got to Wichita Falls I reached out to Dave so I could continue teaching others.  I absolutely love teaching and watching others grow and learn.  Let’s grow together. In car training includes teaching a paraplegic, Timid, Aggressive , and distracted drivers how to drive.  

Marvin Bailey

Our staff member, holding a college degree in Psychology, navigated a diverse journey from studying human behavior to serving as a traveling nurse across multiple U.S. states and Indian reservations. He returned to his hometown, Wichita Falls, in response to a destructive tornado, continuing his care-driven mission. His dedication to understanding human behavior brought him to our team, enriching our organization with his unique experience and insight.